Ban Assault Rifles Now Speech Bubble Sticker

Ban Assault Rifles Now 3: Dimensions 2.5 x 6

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Show your support with stickers and magnets. Order a ban assault rifles now black and red speech bubble sticker or magnet.

Here at Regulate Assault Weapons think that it's fun and smart to show our support with stickers and magnets. Stickers can be used as bumper stickers for your car, decorations for your laptop or your iPad.   Put them on your locker or your notebook. Give the stickers as gifts to people who want to see positive change in America.  The purpose of the stickers is to get the conversation started around the topic of banning assault rifles. Most Americans support the sensible gun laws to help protect and keep innocent people safe. Let's use these stickers to show our congressmen and women that the majority of America wants to see sensible legislation keep us all safer. Let's show our support for Regulating Assault Weapons with these high quality vinal stickers. All proceeds from sticker sales and all donations are funneled directly to the coalition to stop gun violence.