ban assault rifles now white sticker with red and black text.

Ban Assault Rifles Now 6: Dimensions 2.5 x 6

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Show your support with stickers and magnets. Order a ban assault rifles now white sticker or magnet with red and black text.

Use these stickers and magnets to show your support for the cause of banning assault weapons.  Too many innocent people have been killed by these types of weapons.  These stickers let your opposition to civilian ownership of assault weapons be counted.  The vast majority of Americans support sensible gun control legislation including banning assault rifles, but a few vocal groups have drowned our the majority.  this should not happen in a democracy.  put these stickers on your car, or stickers on your laptop or stickers on your Ipad.  Stand up and be counted.   Regulate Assault Weapons is a nonprofit 501(3)c registered organization.  Together we can save lives.