Ban Assault Rifles Now Yellow Caution Sign Sticker

Ban Assault Rifles Now 1: Dimensions 3.75 x 3.75

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Show your support with stickers and magnets. Order a ban assault rifles now yellow caution sign sticker or magnet.

Show your children how American democracy works. Here at Regulate Assault Weapons, we give you a voice in a highly visible and controversial issue in America. Show your children how you can peacefully express your opinions to change the world.  Let's teach our children about democracy and how millions of voices together can affect legislation. By placing stickers on laptops or on iPads or on notebooks or on cars, we can make sure that our voice is heard and that we are counted as part of the majority in favor of sensible gun legislation. Let's not let the NRA drowned out the voices of the majority just because they are louder. Together we can save lives. Let's stand up and be counted. Show your support for Regulating Assault Weapons with stickers and magnets.