Mission | RegulateAssaultWeapons.org

This organization supports the passage of legislation that will ban civilian ownership of all assault weapons.  Through the distribution of bumper stickers and magnets our goal is to raise awareness of this issue and promote a community in which safety takes priority. Founded in response to school shootings and other incidents involving people abusing assault rifles, we at Regulate Assault Weapons believe that sensible gun legislation should include a ban on assault weapons.  We would like to see the Federal Ban on Assault Weapons that lapsed in 2004 be reinstated. Through our website RegulateAssaultWeapons.org visitors can access updated news articles and learn more about other organizations working to pass sensible gun laws. Through education and increased visibility of our cause we hope to see effective gun legislation implemented at the national level.  We seek to help give a voice to the silent majority.  Together we can save lives.

Ban Assault Rifles Now