Regulate Assault Weapons.Org was created after the December 14th 2012 Newtown Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Its founders were shocked and appalled at the senseless loss of life as was the rest of America.

While researching the issues and the controversy over private ownership of assault rifles, frustration grew as we discovered that the majority of Americans were in favor of retaining the ban on assault weapons, but that a few vocal lobbyist groups including the NRA were placing undue pressure on those attempting to pass sensible gun legislation.

Seeking to counteract vocal opposition, a small group of like-minded private citizens created RegulateAssaultWeapons.Org, a nonprofit website committed to giving a voice to the silent majority that supports the regulation of assault weapons. Stickers and magnets are sold at cost and any proceeds above expenses from sales or donations are used to distribute free materials and promote cause awareness.  We are currently working with other gun control groups to support legislation that will reinstate the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban weapons that expired in 2004.  Regulate Assault Weapons is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization.