Ban Assault Rifles Now Red Stop Sign Sticker

Ban Assault Rifles Now 2: Dimensions 3.75 x 3.75

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Show your support with stickers and magnets. Order a ban assault rifles now red stop sign sticker or magnet.

Here at Ban Assault Rifles Now, we provide the sticker or magnet to get the conversation started. The vast majority of Americans support reasonable gun legislation. Our stickers have been used as bumper stickers, as stickers for a laptops and as stickers for iPads. They get the conversation started in coffee shops and around town. Our stickers help give a clear voice to their owner on an issue that a large majority of Americans believe in and support, but one that for some reason has yet to come to pass. If you support the the cause of banning assault rifles, stand up and be counted with these stickers. Do not let the NRA and others drown out our voices. They stand in the in the way of what we all know is reasonable- that is this: sensible gun legislation. The recent (2/15/16) article from the the Harvard Law Review said it best: the constitution protects our rights to protect ourselves. For that reason attack weapons such as rocket launchers and grenades have long been banned from civilian ownership. Assault Rifles, by definition, are designed to attack, not defend, and must therefore also not be allowed to be owned by individuals or groups not associated with law enforcement or the military.